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NEW UPDATE: v2023.3.3

by: Kahdymus - 06 Mar 17:47:08


- New Body skin: Survivor

- New Body Skin: Knight of Darkness

- New Body Skin: Warrior of Light

- New Weapon Skin: Blue Saber

- New Weapon Skin: Red Saber

- New Weapon Skin: War Ax

- The Skills learning system has been reformulated and now there is no need to use books to learn new skills, they will be released automatically as the character reaches the required level.

- Now in the mobile version it will be possible to see how much EXP is left to level up, just tap the XP, life or stamina bar and the game will alternate between EXP/AXP per minute and the amount left to level up level.

- The multi-server and PvE (non-PvP) server system has been finalized and we will launch a new server soon.

- Now when a TvT event starts, a small window will be presented to all players, allowing the player to teleport to the event location or read an explanation about the TvT

- Now when a BOSS appears, a small window will be displayed for all players who have a level equal to or greater than the BOSS, allowing the player to teleport to the BOSS location.

- All mastery missions have had their rewards improved, now they give players full sets of their levels to help them get a better start in the game

- Now in the mobile version there is a button to change/toggle the target (same function as the Tab key in the PC version)

- Now the mobile version has a 3-line chat overlay, so players can play/follow the chat on mobile at the same time


- Pet Doguineo will now apply the buff according to the selected training mode.

- The Pet Gemini will now show the Secret Garden 100% of the time

- Added more Flaming Rats at the entrance to Ebony's Edge to help beginners find their way there

- The Restless Forest map has been modified so that beginners can find Spiders from NPC Miranda quests more easily

- Added buttons indicating our social media on the login screen

- The ramps/stairs on the Reptilia map have been fixed/improved to work properly on mobile

- Added instructions to guide the player to create or join a guild when the panel is opened without the player having any guild

- Several maps received memory consumption and performance optimizations

- Several areas that were previously PvE, now become PvP

- It is now possible to take out karma in a group

- Rotation and population of Lycanthrope Cave monsters have been improved

- Rotation and population of monsters from the mountains of Reptilia have been improved

- Rotation and population of Reptilian desert monsters have been improved

- Rotation and population of monsters from Harpy Mountains have been improved

- Crocodilia Caves monster rotation and population have been improved

- Rotation and population of Catacombs monsters have been improved

- Iguania Caverns monster rotation and population have been improved

- The order of the initial chat tabs was changed, because on mobile it hid the global chat

- Basic auto-attack activation text has been simplified to less clutter the screen

- The communication/network libraries were updated to newer versions (according to their log, this will bring more performance, lag reduction, etc)

- Now TvT will need only 4 participants to start (before it was 8)

- The level protection of the PK system has been removed

- Now for a player to get the Outlaw status (black skull) it will take 15 kills

- Now the Redemption quest will remove 3 PK Points at a time (before it was only 1)

- Now if a player dies with PvP status (orange skull) he will not lose any item

- Several improvements have been made to the texts in French and Spanish

- The objective tracking system has been improved and now whenever a player completes a mission objective, the system will automatically find the next closest objective and point to it, so beginner players will be better guided during the first few missions.


- The mobility of all classes has been balanced, so that there is not too much discrepancy between one class and another

- The Dash/Dodge system was revised and rewritten, now the classes have a more similar amount of dash, it recharges faster for all classes, its dodge is no longer based on a buff that remained active even after the dash ended, now the dodge is based on the movement of the dash itself, if the player takes damage during the dash, it will write on the screen that that damage was deflected

- Warrior's Rage ability now recharges 100% of your stamina when used, however it no longer applies the agility buff

- Warrior's ranged damage is now 100% compared to close range damage

- Protector's ranged damage is now 100% onrelation to damage up close

- Each hit parried by the Protector now immediately recharges your stamina by 3x the amount it would normally recharge over time

- The Sentinel's Discharge skill has been readjusted from 15 to 10 shots when the character has no active skill effect and a readjustment from 15 to 5 shots when the skill effect is active.

- It will no longer be possible to use Lyrus' revive ability if the player to be revived is not in the same group/party as Lyrus

- Serums had their recharge/reuse time reduced from 5s to 3s, allowing players to survive better


- A translation error of the teleport to the Frozen Lands in the NPC Laila has been fixed

- Fixed an issue where quest tracking would sometimes point to an incorrect location

- Fixed a bug that caused the game to display the evaluation window every time you leveled up

- Fixed bug in mission/objective tracker icon, it was discolored on some devices

- Fixed bug in tutorial images as it was colorless on some devices

- Fixed error/lack of translation in tutorial message

- Fixed error / lack of translation in the name of the tutorial area

- If all players leave the field of vision / attack of a monster, that monster will change its target, this aims to correct the bug that kept the monsters trapped looking at the player when they climbed stairs and then the monsters did not change the target

- A bug has been fixed on monsters that skills that are ranged, when used at close range, do not cause any damage. For example, the Anauguis, who have many ranged attacks, could easily be defeated if the player was leaning against him, as none of the ranged attacks caused damage in this situation.

- Fixed a bug in archer NPCs, which did not hit their targets when they were leaning (this bug was related to the bug above the monsters)

- Fixed bugs that caused server errors when trying to calculate the total damage done by a disconnected player

- Fixed a bug that prevented players from collecting packs purchased through the website

- Fixed a chat bug when trying to chat with players who have a tag, such as Tutors, Heroes, Admins, etc.

- A bug that did not allow starting an EXP/AXP Boost when the effect of Pet Doguineo was active has been fixed

- A bug has been fixed that when using the name change item, you need to reconnect to update the name above the Pet and to be able to send a message in the chat

New Update - v2023.1.2

by: Kahdymus - 20 Jan 19:19:05


- Added a new skin for exchanging TvT tokens: Legendary Hunter


- If a player is in a protected area, their karma will not be reduced to remove PK status.

- Fixed a bug that allowed creating blank character names


- Guards have been added in the safe area of the boat at the entrance to Reptilia

- Now the beginner bonus will be influenced by Training Level and not just Base Level

- The communication and network libraries have been updated for better performance and lag reduction.


- Now when leaving a TvT match, the player will no longer have PvP active (Except in cases of red/black skull)

- Bases are now isolated from the rest of the Arena (this aims to balance and avoid certain behaviors during player respawns in the Arena)

- If a player stays too long inside his base, his score and the team's score will start to decrease (this rule aims to prevent a team that is winning from closing in its base before the TvT ends)

- If a player dies too many times quickly to the same enemy, this player will be sent to the base and will be paralyzed for 30 seconds. (this rule aims to prevent/reduce players from free killing)

- If a player dies inside his base, he will not count points for who killed him (this rule aims to prevent players from killing during respawn, or free killing inside the base)

- If any player leaves/disconnects from a TvT match, his team will no longer lose the points that that player made for the team (this rule aims to prevent the whole team from being unmotivated when a player with enough points leaves the match)

- Arena entrances now all have a portal to enter/exit (this helps to prevent a player from accidentally leaving the TvT match)

- TvT hero EXP bonuses and double rewards have been removed (this modification aims to prevent lone players from monopolizing potentially advantageous bonuses)

- Now TvT Heroes will have yellow color in their chat text

- TvT Heroes will now have a tag on the left side of their name (just like tutors do) to show off their Hero status

New Update - v2022.12.0

by: Kahdymus - 13 Dec 22:36:19


- Now players who have Training Level 200+ will be able to access the Reptilia map even if the base level is below 200

- Secret Garden NPC Gemini now has teleport option to Ebuin City

- Command /help opens the help window with some basic game commands.

- The entire internal architecture of the game has been redesigned so that a new structure for multi-servers is possible, including non-pvp servers, which will arrive soon.

- Added two new skins: Angel and Dark Angel

- The Friends window has been redesigned

- A new system was added, where it is possible to block players and thus not see the chat of these blocked players (it is possible to block players from the friends window, just add a player there and then click on the Mute option)

- A new Mute system has been added for GMs and ADMs, where players can be muted (in less serious cases, we will use this option instead of applying a ban, in the first incidences)

- Now TvT will inform the final score when announcing the winning team.

- Now when entering TvT, the group/party will be disbanded

- Now it will no longer be possible to start a group/party during TvT

- The game now has a Global login message, where ADMs can send messages that will appear when a player connects, for example, messages informing that the server has an active event.

- Added Warning system, where ADMs can alert a player about certain behavior before suffering some kind of punishment. This Warning will appear when the player enters the game with his character.


- Removal of some heavy client libraries

- The wiki button within the client now links to the Discord wiki channel.

- A small improvement in the collector configuration window was made

- Some scrollbars have been increased to make them easier to use in the Mobile version


- Fixed translation and text issues on login and character selection screens.

- Bugs that allowed crossing lakes and sometimes walls using certain skills were fixed.

- Fixed bug that prevented Protector and Warrior vocations from initiating their passive blessings when using ranged basic skill.

- Bug that prevented name change and transfer of guild leadership has been fixed

- Fixed a bug in the collector that allowed to increase its collection speed indefinitely

New Staff Structure

by: Kahdymus - 24 Oct 11:58:24

Good morning everyone, I hope everyone is well.

Today I came to make an informative announcement about the new Staff structure that has been shaped in Eternal Quest for about a month now.

We had the arrival of a new ADM, @Arvid, who is a professional and experienced Community Manager. And together we started the structuring of some things, such as the positions of Tutors. Over time, we will also have other roles such as Senior Tutors and Game Masters. The arrival of @Arvid, brought us a more community-oriented vision, where you are our mission and our focus.

Details of the new Staff structure:

1. Tutors:

- They are volunteer players who help us on a daily basis to answer questions and help other players, especially beginner players. Tutors are normal players, that is, they don't have any special commands and no changes to their characters. The only difference is the color of the text they speak in the chat and the [TT] tag in white before the name.

2. Senior Tutors:

- They are also volunteers and normal players, just like the Tutors, they help in the day to day, but they are more experienced and have been in the position for some time. A Tutor achieves this role by receiving a high rating and acceptance from the community. As they are players, this role also has no special commands and no changes to their characters. They have the tag [ST] in light blue, as well as their texts are also this color.

3. Game Masters (or GMs):

- They are employees of Eternal Quest, they will assist us in the control and management within the game, in order to reduce/prevent destructive behavior and use of macros/bots. Game Masters CANNOT PLAY the game, even with secondary characters, so that there are no conflicts of interest, as GMs have several commands, such as being able to go to the player, ban/unban, be visible/invisible and disconnect a player. No GM will have commands to create monsters, NPCs, items, etc. These commands will be reserved only for the game's ADMSs (in this case, Me and @Arvid). The tag is [GM] in orange, just like the text in the chat.

4. Administrators (or ADMs):

- They are Eternal Quest employees and game managers, we make our decisions together, in a completely impartial way. We can't play the game, join player guilds or anything like that so there's no conflict of interest. We have access to all game commands. Our tag is [ADM] in red, just like our text in chat


by: Kahdymus - 20 Oct 20:45:04


- To completely erase your account and all your data, simply log in using your credentials here on our website.
- Once connected, go to the menu in the upper right corner and click on the option "My Feedbacks"
- After that click on the "Ask for Help/Support" button
- Describe in your ticket that you want your account to be deleted and that's it, we will delete your data and send you an email to confirm the deletion.
- Our team will delete all your data in up to 24h business hours.

New Update - v2022.9.0

by: Kahdymus - 16 Sep 15:16:50

**Automatically Translated**


- A new light armor set has been added to the game: Mursarian Set

- A new medium armor set has been added to the game: Shinigarian Set

- A new set of heavy armor has been added to the game: Kodarian Set

- A new weapon set has been added to the game: Sangria Set

- A new projectile and explosion effect has been created for the Sangria Arrow

- A new Craft Stone has been created: Ancestral Stone

- A new reagent has been created: Superior Reagent Crystal

- A new boost scroll has been created: Divine Boost Scroll

- A new quality has been created: Ancestral Quality

- A new rarity has been created: Divine Rarity

- A new chest has been created: Ancestral Chest

- New blueprints were created for all new sets, these blueprints can be purchased in the new Ancestral Chest

- Now the player's name will be on top of the PET's name

- A new keyboard shortcuts/keys setting has been added for the PC version, making it possible to modify the game's keys.

- The game now has its own Help chat, separate from the Global chat

- Server name will now appear in Telegram notifications

- Now TvT has an assistance system, where the top 3 players who help in a kill will receive 1 assistance point and every 3 assistance points will be transformed into 1 kill

- Added Teleport points for Reptilia hunts at the Calangia Village NPC

- Added Teleport to Ebuin Town in Pet Gemini

- A new PET called Doguíneo has been created that randomly applies AXP (5%) or EXP (5%) bonuses for 30 seconds.

- An initial Guild system was created, where it is possible to Create Guild, Change Guild Name, Transfer Guild Leadership, Undo Guild, Leave Guild, Invite/Delete Members, Change Member Position, Show Name on Characters

- A new item for creating guilds has been created: Guild Creation Contract

- A new item to change name and transfer guild leadership has been created: Guild Change Contract


- ADMs, CMs, GMs, etc. now have a highlight with different color in their names and in their texts in the chat, for a better view by the community.

- The size of the projectile on the arrow "A Teen Baan" has been reduced, this does not influence its gameplay or functioning nor on its hitbox as it is just a visual adjustment.

- The text shown when you are out of energy to dash has been simplified to just "Out of Energy" and will appear above the character itself (similar to the text when gaining EXP)

- The warning texts shown in the game had a good performance optimization.

- The amount of effects that the forge shows has been reduced, for performance gains.

- All auction screens have been improved and will now work much faster, without the need to keep reloading every action.

- The working of the forge has been improved, now the player does not need to have all the slots available in the inventory to start a 100x or 10x batch

- Now TvT will prevent more than one character from connecting to TvT using the same device

- The PET system has been improved and now PETs will no longer interfere with conversations with NPCs (with the exception of Gemini, as he is also an NPC)

- PETs will now no longer stop on top of their owners, they will come close and stop a little before touching, so it won't block their owner's character's view.

- The position of the forge NPC Herold Ironhead has been adjusted and a workbench has been added around it to prevent players and PETs from getting on top of it.

- Added a confirmation message to perform an Item Boost

- Added a confirmation message to perform a Skill Enchantment

- Now the PET baradon will write in the chat which skill had its cooldown reset.


- Now an item will never decrease its forge rarity, when forging a new equipment/weapon the rarity of the previous item used will always be maintained or improved.

- The maximum level of the goi forge increased from 600 to 850.

- TvT rewards will now be according to the character's level, looking like this:

>> Level 1 to 39: 7500 Gold Coins, 1 TvT Token, 10 Magistral Stones and 2 Boost Scroll (common)

>> Level 40 to 79: 15000 Gold Coins, 1 TvT Token, 30 Magistral Stones, 5 Spirit Stones and 5 Boost Scrolls (common)

>> Level 80 to 124: 40000 Gold Coins, 1 TvT Token, 15 Spirit Stones, 1 Epic Stone and 1 Boost Scroll (Holy)

>> Level 125 to 349: 75000 Gold Coins, 1 TvT Token, 8 Epic Stones, 1 Boost Scroll (Holy) and 1 Reagent Crystal (Common)

>> Level 350 or higher: 120000 Gold Coins, 1 TvT Token, 1 Perfect Stone, 2 Boost Scrolls (Holy) and 2 Reagent Crystals (Common)

   **Remembering that all TvT prizes can be multiplied by 2x if the player is the Weekly Hero


- Fixed a bug that prevented party/group players from attacking each other during TvT

- Fixed a bug that kept a PET buff even when the player didn't have their Magic Core in their inventory

- Fixed a bug that allowed players who didn't complete the tutorial to leave the island with Gemini

New Update - v2022.5.23

by: Kahdymus - 01 Jun 13:41:31


- Fixed the icon of BUFFs/DEBUFFs that sometimes remained visible, even when their effect was over.


- Allow the player to receive a message that they need to update their version before trying to make a connection with the character. This will be useful when the game needs to change connection protocol, currently the player would be disconnected without receiving any message informing.

- Increased frequency that promo packs appear to players.


- Outlaws now have 3x drop chance compared to PKs (was 2x)


- The communication/network libraries have been updated, these updates generate network/internet lag reduction and optimization of data traffic between the game and the server.

- Some points of the game's cache system have been optimized in order to reduce RAM memory usage. The goal is that the game can be distributed to cell phones that have only 1.5GB of RAM, currently only cell phones with 2GB or more can install the game. And with that, the game will also run smoother on these phones (and computers).

New Version - v2022.5.1

by: Kahdymus - 10 May 22:30:22


- Fixed a bug that prevented the create character button from returning to normal if a validation message appeared


- The minimap clock was removed, as it had no function because it was a fictitious server time and occupied the view.

- The color of the anti-afk validation token button will now be the same as the other buttons, to prevent scripts from identifying the correct button by color.


- The Redemption mission will now only remove 1 PK point each time it is done (previously it removed 4 points), this measure aims to reduce power abuse on the server, since black skull cannot start more combats. (we do not intend to include power abuse as a rule in the game, all players can attack/fight other players freely, but sometimes we will tighten the black skull rules). 

New Update - v2022.3.2

by: Kahdymus - 15 Mar 22:50:18


- A new PET-specific tab has been added to the gem market.

- The weekly TvT heroes will be the TOP 1 of each class and no longer the TOP 3 overall. With that, this Friday, the 18th, the server will already choose that way.

- Now to use the chat, you will need to be at least level 5


- Remedy cooldown bug fix within conventional PvP and TvT

- The item descriptions "Dead Rune" have been corrected


- It will no longer be possible to use Health Potions or Seruns during TvT

- Sentry skill skill has had its duration within TvT reduced from 45s to 5s

- The Sentinel's Discharge skill had the number of shots reduced within the TvT, from 15 to 5 shots.

New Update - v2022.3.0

by: Kahdymus - 06 Mar 18:35:42


- Now BOSS has a chance to reward players with their energy. These energies will be needed to activate the Legendary PET Rune Seraphiel

- There is now a new ranking of the top TvT players, this ranking will be reset weekly and the top 3 players each week will receive the status of "TvT Hero". Players with this title will have their name in yellow color and will receive some benefits such as: 25% Bonus EXP/AXP when killing monsters, 25% Bonus EXP at the forge and double TvT reward.

- Equipped items now also have a border that demonstrates their rarity

- New PETs have been added to the game: Slurg (basic), Muum (uncommon), Dropine (rare), Blasus (exotic), Baradon (exotic) and Seraphiel (legendary).

- A new item called Inactive Rune was added to the game, this item will be used to create the Energized Rune, which will summon the legendary PET

- Two new BOSSs were added to the game: Ascendotare (level 400) and Asmoon (level: 400, 500 and 600). BOSS Asmoon has 3 levels as it will evolve during battle.


- It is now possible to use packages multiple times.

- The packs' inventory slots will now be delivered in the form of items, so the player can use them however they want and even sell them in the auction.

- When starting PvP status, PETs will be removed.

- The TvT NPC is now behind a fence, so that PETs don't get in the way when registering.

- If all players of a team give up, the TvT will end early and the other team will win by WO.


- Fixed small crash that occurs when opening inventories with too many items

- Fixed visual bug (on mobile) that the last member of the party was mixed with the item shortcut


- BOSS became more challenging as they were dying very quickly.

- Lyrus' Karma skill will now always apply ongoing damage

- Elementor, Grav Pulse, Fireball, and Ice Spear skills have their range increased from 2.7 to 3.0 (about 10%)

- Elementor, Ice Blast, Thunderstorm and Meteor Shower skills have their range increased from 2.0 to 2.7 (about 36%)

- Healing DURING TVT has been increased from (5% to 10%) to (15% to 25%)

- Sentinel skill Adrenaline has had its time reduced from 5s to 3s

- BOSS are now immune to pulling or pushing skills

- Warrior had a small improvement in his agility/energy

- Elementor had a small improvement in his agility/energy

- Protector had a small improvement in his agility/energy

- Protector can now use Sword Dance skill without having Fury skill active

- Protector will now launch a ball of energy from his sword with the base skill to hit targets from a distance, this damage will be reduced by 40% (except during TvT, there the damage will be balanced by TvT standards)

- Warrior will now throw his spear with the basic skill to hit targets from a distance, this damage will be reduced by 50% (except during TvT, there the damage will be balanced by TvT standards)

- The maximum level of the forge has been increased from 450 to 600

- TvT team distribution has been improved so that you don't accumulate too many high-level/experienced players on a single team

New Update - v2022.1.8

by: Kahdymus - 17 Jan 17:39:00

1. Fixed of mini-BOSS respawn schedule, as it was following the same schedules as BOSS.

2. Zealosh EXP reduced by 50%, as he is now a mini-BOSS and no longer a BOSS and will spawn every 2 hours.

3. Fixed a bug to do not show score message after finishing TvT

4. Fixed bug that allowed damage to players with invincibility, ethereal form, etc during TvT.

New Version - v2022.1.8

by: Kahdymus - 13 Jan 17:32:26

1. No damage will exceed 5%. Today some skills are managing to surpass this value quite a lot. This is a bug that will be fixed.

2. The maximum damage in the Protector class will be 2.5%, as this class will be able to better fulfill its role of Tanker/Support, and has the disadvantage of having to get close to hit. And since in TvT the damage is % of HP, your defense is useless.

3. The maximum damage in the Warrior class will be 3.5%, as well as the protector, the Warrior suffers from the disadvantage of not being able to use his heavy armor as a defense and also needs to get close to deal damage.

4. The maximum damage in the Lyrus class will be 4%, as one of the advantages of this class is the high HP and its healing/support skills, but when receiving damage based on %, its high HP was not paying off. However Lyrus can attack from afar, so it will still take 4% damage.

5. The Elementor and Sentinel classes will still be able to take 5% damage as they have the highest ranged damage combos, in addition to crowd control.

6. The maximum amount of energy will be the same for everyone, totaling 150, or 3 dash in a row. The Sentinel will still be able to apply some extra dash when using his skill, as this skill has a moderate cooldown.

7. The TvT system will announce each team's score every 1 minute.

8. When dying, the player will be able to return to one of the 4 respawn points on their side of the arena, the system will choose randomly.

New Update - v2022.1.4

by: Kahdymus - 11 Jan 08:57:32

1. Fixed auto-attack speed

2. Fixed issue preventing TVT NPC from appearing normally/automatically

3. Fixed issue that did not start PVP button automatically when taking player to Arena during TVT

4. Fixed issue that allowed players on the same team to attack each other and score points during TVT

5. TvT will be every 3h and no longer every 4h

6. Fixed bug that NPC Norumbria kept overlapping with multiple clones every TvT

7. Fixed bug in Protector's damage reflect skill, damage will be fixed at 5% during TvT

8. Fixed description of exchanging potions for tokens (it's saying it's 4 tokens, when in fact it's 10)

9. Fixed bug where sometimes the player was teleported, but didn't get any team

10. Fixed TvT ad time as it was announcing 10 minutes and was starting in less time.

11. Fixed a bug in monster's projectiles. It wasn't applying any damage.

New Update - v2022.1.0

by: Kahdymus - 05 Jan 23:26:19


1. It is now possible to repurchase the last items that were sold to the NPC. The value will be the same as the sale value, so it is possible to recover an item that was mistakenly sold without loss.

2. Added a Time vs Time (TvT) mini-game style event

3. Added to Gemini and Izilda teleports leading to Reptile locations

4. A new skin available to buy with gems has been created: Twilight Wizard

5. A new skin available to trade for TVT tokens has been created: Gladiator

6. An EXP potion was created to exchange for TVT tokens, this potion adds 10% of the EXP needed to level up

7. Created an AXP potion to exchange for TVT tokens, this potion adds 10% of each attribute needed to level up


1. The Sunset Forest area is now PVE (previously it was PVP)

2. The Vale do Pôr do Sol area is now PVE (previously it was PVP)

3. The Forbidden Island area (part of the skeletons) is now PVE (previously PVP)

4. The Forbidden Island area (part of the behemoths) is now PVE (previously PVP)

5. The Shadow Castle area (part of the vampires and witches) is now PVE (previously PVP)

6. The Shadow Castle area (part of the Assassins and Queens) is now PVE (previously PVP)

7. The Ice Lands area is now PVE (previously it has some PVP points)

8. The BOSSES areas (Zeruel, Gaarukai and Froshya) are now PVE (previously they were PVP)


1. Zealosh is now a mini-BOSS, it will respawn 1 time per hour and will no longer be part of daily BOSSES rotations.


1. Fixed bug that allowed training figures to drop loot

2. Fixed bug causing target to disappear when trying to select another dead player to resuscitate

3. Fixed bug that made some stun cases last longer than it should

4. Fixed bug that allowed you to unequip an arrow while in combat

5. Fixed bug where the character was invisible and sometimes didn't come back