by: Kahdymus - 31 Jan 22:54:09 - Fixed

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New Version - v2021.5.5.0

by: Kahdymus - 30 Apr 13:19:54


1. Added the first version of the anti-AFK/BOT system.

2. A new offensive skill was created for Lyrus, called Nirvana (It's available on NPC Alec at Ebuin Town).

3. Now when using the Remedy item, in addition to removing the Stun, the player will be protected against new Stuns for 5 seconds.

4. Now when using the Antidote item, in addition to removing the Poison, the player will be protected against new Poison for 5 seconds.

5. Wood, Iron, Noble and Seraph equipment will now be able to drop from monsters. Skyforged and Perfect equipment have yet to be obtained by Crafting.


1. Changed the chance to apply Stun from 10% to 5% on monsters: Harpy and Bat

2. Changed the chance to apply Stun from 30% to 5% on monsters: Vine and Man Eater

3. Sentinel's Skill, Unload, has it's power increased by 20%

4. The duration has been reduced from 10s to 5s of the Sentinel's Andrenaline skill

5. All offensive skills that have a Cooldown greater than 10s have a 20% reduction in their Cooldown

6. The amount of each monster with no ranking needed to kill in the Redemption quest has been reduced from 300 to 150

7. Now the Redemption quest reduces 4 PK points when completed (valid only for missions accepted after the update)

8. The time that the character is immobile when using a return scroll has been reduced from 20s to 7s

9. The market fee for players without active Premium has been reduced from 5% to 4%

10. The market fee for players with active Premium has been reduced from 2.5% to 2%

11. The group XP bonus for equal classes has been increased from 25% to 30%

12. The group XP bonus for different classes has been increased from 50% to 75%


1. A bug has been fixed that allowed you to drop an item anywhere on the map, even if it is very far from the character.

2. A bug was fixed in the chat that sometimes caused the message not to be sent and the player had to type everything again.


1. As usual, several performance improvements have been applied to both the server and the client

New Version - v2021.5.4.4

by: Kahdymus - 16 Apr 21:05:01


1. An automatic Server Saving system was implemented, where now the server will automatically restart every day at 7:00am (GMT +0)/UTC 


1. Fixed bug that prevented the player from taking all the gold at once from the market deposit
2. Fixed bug that occurred when attacking a Protector with active Reflect and Neutral status in PVP, where the damage was reflected and then the Protector's status changed from Neutral to PVP automatically. Now the damage will no longer be reflected if the Protector is Neutral.


1. Removed protection that is based on the mastery level when dying PVP, PK or Outlaw since there is now protection for Neutral players.


1. Updated the libraries used for network communication
2. Updated version of Unity to the latest version

New Update - v2021.5.4.2

by: Kahdymus - 09 Apr 23:21:04


1. Fixed bug that allowed to equip/unequip items while teleporting, this allowed even you remove the skin and became invisible or without clothes.

2. Fixed a bug that did not allow all players to use the map stairs at the same time.

3. Fixed bug where sometimes the skills icon got stuck on the screen and had to be reconnect to remove.

4. Fixed a bug that prevented the player from picking up items from the market if the accumulated amount was greater than the amount of slots available in the inventory.

5. Fixed bug that prevented the skills Refuge, Battlefield and Lapis from appearing on the ground.

6. Fixed bug that sometimes the skill's sounds get stuck, having to reconnect to cancel the sound.

7. Fixed bug where the Flaming, Poisoned, Freezing and Teen Baan arrows prevented the Sentinel from applying Stun with Stun Shot

8. Fixed error message that appeared when a player did not pass the name on the gold coin transfer command

9. Fixed bug that sometimes caused skins to drop when a character died with PK status

10. Fixed bug that caused the game to disconnect if the character died with Outlaw status (Black Skull)

11. Fixed bug that caused the casting time of the basic skill to vary, sometimes faster and sometimes taking twice as long

12. Fixed a bug in Lyrus' healing skills, in which he made him obtain PVP status even without activating the PVP itself

13. Fixed error message on the server when some NPCs tried to drop skills


1. The entire mission system has been rewritten, now it is much lighter and will require less from the server, moreover there will be no more lag when accepting a mission, it will appear immediately upon being accepted.


1. Now when dragging a pack of items, the keyboard will no longer appear automatically, as the vast majority of times players just want to move the pack and not separate it and the Android keyboard appearing in most cases.

2. The text size of the description of the items has been enlarged for a better reading (In the future you will receive your own window, made exclusively for the mobile version)


1. The Refined Collector item, now collects 7 items every 1.6s instead of 5 items.

2. The Master Collector item, now collects 15 items every 1s instead of 10 items.

3. The Protector had an increase in his maximum energy, so he can use 3 consecutive dashs (when the energy is full), so that he will be able to better follow the group.

New Updates - v2021.5.4.0 e v2021.5.4.1

by: Kahdymus - 05 Apr 23:52:16


1. Now the game will check the type of the item when it is used and apply the cooldown time of 1 second.
2. Single target skills will not be spent if you do not have a nearby target, so you will not be at risk of spending recharge time unnecessarily

1. The system that generates sound and visual effects now has a cache, so that the graphical lag on cell phones and less powerful computers is reduced when there are many players close by

1. The entire skill usage system has been rewritten so that the new system allocates about 80% less RAM on the server.
2. Several routines that allocated RAM on the server have been rewritten as well as the skills system, in order to optimize and reduce lags with many players.


1. Fixed a bug that makes player randomly disconnect
2. Fixed bug that sometimes monsters and NPCs becomes invisible
3. Fixed bug that incorrectly showed (or did not show) the rank of monsters
4. Fixed a critical problema that makes some players impossible to login

New Update: v2021.5.3.2C

by: Kahdymus - 28 Mar 13:12:32


1. Fixed performance regression introduced on version v2021.5.3.2B on projectile system

New Update: v2021.5.3.2B

by: Kahdymus - 28 Mar 13:12:20


1. Fixed bug that caused the player to take an empty daily mission

2. Fixed bug that occurred when unequipping items directly on the floor


1. BOSSES now have a double (100% more) chance of appearing.

New Update - v2021.5.3.2

by: Kahdymus - 28 Mar 13:06:43


1. Fixed a spot on the Chameleon Beach map that when disconnecting in a small spot caused the screen to turn black when relogging.

2. Fixed some internal bugs in the projectile collision system

3. Fixed bug that said there was no space in the inventory when trying to get a daily reward

4. Fixed bug when picking up daily tasks and missions, where these took too long or sometimes did not work correctly

5. Fixed bug that allowed modifying text size in the chat


1. A new object generation system for projectiles has been added, aiming at gaining performance and reducing memory usage by the server

2. A new object generation system for the loots was added, aiming at gaining performance and reducing memory usage by the server

3. The time that the loot dropped from monsters is reduced from 60 seconds to 20 seconds, since loots are always collected before 20 seconds.


1. The Speed ​​gain per Protector's Agility point has been increased by 50%. (from 0.04 per point to 0.06 per point). All classes are able to reach the maximum speed, which is 5.0, but the protector took longer, so that in the early and mid game he could not keep up with the other classes when they hunt in groups.

2. The mission to face Zealosh has returned to the game, now it's for level 50 characters.

New Patch - v2021.5.3.1

by: Kahdymus - 23 Mar 16:33:29


1. Upon reaching level 10 of the character the game will open a little window for the player to review the game

2. The Daily Tasks options now show the levels of the monsters in the NPC itself to assist beginner players in choosing the right task for their level

3. Monsters now have their level next to their name to help beginner players avoid engaging in much stronger monsters

4. Now in the mobile version it will show the information of EXP per Minute and AXP per Minute instead of showing the amount of EXP left to raise the level

5. Now when you receive gold in the market, it will accumulate. For accounts that already have several gold coins to pick up on the market, the new coins that arrive will accumulate in the first slot.


1. Bug that made the screen black when making any changes to the game options has been fixed

2. A bug has been fixed that allowed you to buy items higher than 300 at NPCs. The existing items had their level reduced to 300, since it is not possible to obtain items above this level at the moment

3. Bug that sometimes allowed to complete a duplicate mission has been fixed

4. Fixed a bug that sometimes itens becomes invisible on ground



    - The minimum level to enter the Zealosh area has been reduced from 85 to 50

    - The minimum level to enter the Estarlya area has been reduced from 95 to 65

    - The minimum level to enter the Zeruel area has been reduced from 105 to 85

    - The minimum level to enter the Froshya area has been reduced from 115 to 100

    - The minimum level to enter the Gaarukai area has been reduced from 130 to 125

2. Redemption Task

    - The amount needed to kill monsters with no rank in the Redemption task has been reduced from 1000 to 300 on each monster

    - The amount required to kill veteran chameleons in the Redemption tereph has been reduced from 10 to 5

3. Daily Task - Legendary

    - Now this task contemplates monsters between levels 135 and 350

    - The amount of monsters that need to be killed in this quest has been reduced from 900 to 750

4. Daily Task - Epic

    - This task no longer contemplates BOSSES.

    - Now this task contemplates monsters between levels 400 and 600

    - The amount of monsters that must be killed in this task is 1000

5. Death with Neutral status

    - Now when a player dies with Neutral status (without any type of skull), no items will be dropped, they will only lose EXP.

6. EXP sharing

    - Group XP bonus for equal classes has been increased from 20% to 25% (per character)

    - Group XP bonus for different classes has been increased from 35% to 50% (per character)


1. Some Unity libraries have been updated, aiming at improvements and corrections

2. The module that identifies the area that the player is in has received performance improvements (positive impact on cell phones and computers with less processing power)

New Rule Created

by: Kahdymus - 27 Feb 18:08:48

From now 14 hours and 06 minutes of February 27, 2021 (GMT -3), the player who causes "Toxic Behavior and Disturbance" in the community will be liable to ban, where the ban duration will be determined according to the severity of each situation.

Definition of Toxic Behavior and Disturbance according to the rules:

> Provocation in the game or in the personal sphere on a recurring basis, even if with a low degree of offense, where this causes discomfort, confusion, discord or disorder in the community.

New Update - v2021.5.1.0

by: Kahdymus - 23 Feb 20:11:11


1. Now the game will always notify on Telegram 10 minutes before BOSS is spawned

2. A new option has been added in the settings to enable/disable ambient light effects


1. The smoothness of the attack button in the mobile version has been improved

2. The size of the text, images and buttons on the character creation screen has been increased in the mobile version

3. The size of the text, images and buttons on the game settings screen has been increased in the mobile version

4. The speed of the forge bar has become faster when the player is producing fewer items

5. Attribute debuffs now have their own icon in purple, to differentiate from attribute buff icons

6. The missions overlay below the minimap in the PC version had its layout improved

7. Several performance improvements have been made to the server to help support the game's growth and new players

8. Several performance improvements were made in the mobile version to avoid losing FPS in locations with many players



1. The number of targets for the Karma skill has been increased from 5 to 8

2. Vitali's cooldown has been reduced from 45s to 32s

3. Vitali skill power has been increased by 10%


1. The skill Expertise duration has been increased by 35 seconds

2. The skill Expertise cooldown has been increased by 35 seconds


1. Fireball speed has been increased by 7.5%


1. The power of the Strike skill (default skill) has been increased by 15%

2. The power of the Intervention skill has been increased by 10%

3. Punishment skill's power has been increased by 12%

4. The range of the punishment skill has been expanded from 2.0 to 2.5

5. The duration of the Negation skill has been increased by 5 seconds

6. The Negation skill's cooldown has been increased by 5 seconds

7. The power of the Negation skill has been increased from 70% to 100% of the damage taken

8. Blade Dance cooldown has been reduced by 5 seconds

9. The number of targets for the Blade Dance skill has been increased from 5 to 8 targets

10. The range of the Blade Dance skill has been increased from 0.96 to 1.2

11. Justice's cooldown has been reduced by 13 seconds

12. The power of the Justice skill has been increased by 15%


1. The hit points of all BOSS have been increased by 2x

2. The hit points of the Zealosh Memory mini-boss have been increased by 4x


1. The chance of all stuns has been reduced to just 10% on all monsters (Behemoths, Harpies, Bats, etc.). Before, the chance was 100% for some and 50% for others.


1. A bug was fixed in the skills that fire 2 or more projectiles at the same time that sometimes it did not hit different targets. Example: skill Skill and Punishment

2. Fixed bug in the graphical interface of the market where the sale button was locked when it was informed that the item's value was too low

3. Fixed bug in the Lapis skill, where she sometimes did not heal all 10 targets within the circle

4. Fixed bug in the item type search field in the mobile version market, where she needed to put only lowercase letters to work

5. Several texts / translations have been corrected

6. A bug in the Restriction skill was fixed, as it was possible for enemies to use medicine and its effect was cut, but that of the Protector did not

7. A bug in the collectors was fixed, where it was possible to activate its effect, and the effect remained active even when the collector was no longer in the inventory

8. A bug that was adding too much Karma in some PK cases has been fixed

9. A bug that could not click on the Respawn button when dying, if the player died with the map open, was fixed

10. Corrected a bug in the Gravitational Pulse ability that did not correctly apply Confusion damage and always had 0 damage

New Update - v2021.5.0.0

by: Kahdymus - 17 Feb 17:52:26


- New continent: Reptília

- New monsters: Axitragal, Ognalac, Otragal, Ueit, Anaugi and Olidocorc

- A new command has been added to unlock the character if it gets stuck in solid places, such as walls, mountains, etc. Just use one of the / unlock or / unstuck commands

- A new option was added to make the virtual joystick fixed or dynamic.

- Red coloration has been added to class icons when players are in a group to alert the number of Life Points each player in the group has.

- Added the possibility to move the character using the keyboard for mobile devices

- 2 new skins have been added for the character: Agent Reptilian and Imperial Guard

- 5 new weapon skins have been added: Imperial Sword, Imperial Spear, Imperial Bow, Imperial Staff and Imperial Shield

- The Reagent Crystal item, which is used for Item and Skills Boost, can now be purchased at NPC Alec (in Ebuin City) for gold coins. This item will no longer be marketed by Gems.

- A channel was created on Telegram, where whenever a BOSS is defeated or reborn, a message will be sent there, so that all players who participate in this channel can stay on top of BOSS time.


- The price of the Basic Collector has been reduced from 1 million (1kk) gold coins to 100 thousand (100k) gold coins

- The punishments for PK (red skull) are now stricter:

1. For each PK Point the player has, 1% additional karma is added to the next PK.

2. As long as the player is in PK status, he will receive neither EXP nor AXP.

3. EXP from BOSS will no longer remove karma from PK players


- New monster ranking system, where now the respawn of Veteran, Elite, Champion, Legendary and Epic monsters will be dynamic and any monster on the map can be born with some ranking.

- The accuracy for selecting monsters and NPCs on the map by clicking with the mouse or using your finger on the mobile has been considerably improved

- More guards have been added within the city to control the movement of PK players


- A more intelligent restart system was added to the server, so that when a crash occurs, the server can recover without human intervention.


- Now when a Lyrus or Elementor takes zero damage, the library will no longer activate, this prevented the use of teleportation scrolls.

- A bug was fixed that allowed the Elementor to use the Tornado ability and then the Ethereal Form, making it possible to deal damage and stay invincible for several seconds.

- Bug on totems was fixed, where it was possible to accumulate buffs / debuffs without time limit.

- Bug on the bridge of the initial island near NPC Yalerik has been fixed, there were invisible colliders.

- Bug that prevented the correct login when the character disconnected just above the entrance to the Evergreens cave has been fixed.

Release Notes: v2020.4.4.0

by: Kahdymus - 13 Jan 21:39:38


  • 3 new Sentinel skills have been added: Stealth, Adrenaline and Discharge
  • 3 new skills for the Warrior have been added: Battlefield, Triple Thrust and Vengeance
  • 3 new skills for the Elementor have been added: Stone Shield, Ethereal Form and Thunderstorm
  • 3 new skills for the Protector have been added: Refuge, Restriction and Protection
  • 3 new skills have been added for Lyrus: Lapis, Vitali and Lazuli


  • The size of the bridge on the initial island near Yalerik has been expanded, as it was sometimes in the middle of it and this prevented players from passing it


  • Monsters' HP has been increased by 10%
  • The attack power of monsters has been increased by 5%
  • Sentinel's Skill skill has been modified and now lasts for 15 seconds, but it no longer reduces the attack by 50%, so the Sentinel will hit 2 targets with 100% power for the duration of the Skill.
  • Arcane Protection, which is activated from grimoires, has been modified and it no longer leaves players immortal for 2 seconds, now it expands the Resilience attribute by 100% during this time.


  • Fixed bug that occurs when attacking another player and automatically puts him in PVP mode.

Novo Patch - v2020.4.0.3

by: Kahdymus - 15 Dec 16:48:00

*automatically translated*


- The resource download system has been added just like the one used on mobile, so downloads of updates will be smaller and faster


- Reduction of the minimum version required for installation on Android. Before it was 5.0 (Lollipop) and now it is 4.4 (Kitkat)

- Preparation of payment flow directly through Google Play. (The flow is ready, but it will be released only on Wednesday)


- A visual bug was fixed where it incorrectly showed damage applied during PVP. The damage was shown without reducing PVP.

- Bug that caused the "Bleeding" condition of Warrior skills not to be reduced during PVP has been fixed.

- Bug that did not allow players to buy their first gold coin slots after activating their account packs has been fixed.


- Now BOSSES have a damage limit they can take, even a very strong player will not cause damage beyond that limit, making BOSS live longer, giving opportunities for lower level players to also do damage and also encourage group / team work when you need to kill a BOSS with regeneration skills.

New Patch - v2020.3.1

by: Kahdymus - 20 Nov 00:05:30

*automatically translated*


- Monsters that have attacks that cause paralysis or freezing have been revised and their chances have been reduced, such as the Arctic Fury monster that had a 100% chance to freeze on its abilities and now has only a 10% chance.


- The auction interface has been improved, now cards will be displayed instead of lines. This change improves navigation especially for those using cell phones.

- The messages that are shown when tracking an objective or finding a mission have been improved, so that they are less confusing.

- The performance of when a player opens a store within an NPC has been optimized, as before it caused the game's FPS to drop a lot, depending on the amount of items presented.


- A new account registration flow has been created within the game itself, so there is no need to go to the website to create a new account. This change was made in order to enter the game in the PlayStore.


- A bug has been fixed in which if the player pulled the notification bar while holding down the attack button, the character would continue to attack automatically. There were players using this bug to keep the character attacking without being present in the game.


- A routine was created that identifies server crashes and in 10 seconds it automatically activates it in case of a fall, so that there are no more cases in which it is necessary for a person to go there and start the server manually in case of a fall.