New Patch - v0.16.5

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New Patch - v0.16.5

by: Diego - 05 Jun 16:40:08


  • FREE package users can now place items for sale at market
  • When using healing items (such as potions) the player will no longer enter fight / combat mode


  • Forging window sometimes several unnamed blueprints
  • Auction window (trade center) sometimes hangs and stays with loading infinity
  • Skins are being presented incorrectly (package and incorrect vocations)
  • Party members are not showing up
  • Auction Item Type Filter is always selecting Blueprint
  • When using a package exchange item (Veteran, Elite or Legendary) the online user always receive more slots in the inventory
  • The character does not exit the Fight / Combat mode even after a long time without fighting
  • Inventory Expansion Item won on the Snake Hunt quest does not work if the character has more than 20 slots in inventory


  • Improvement in the control of sending server network packets, aiming at lag and lag reduction