New Patch - v2020.3.1

New Patch - v2020.3.1

by: Kahdymus - 20 Nov 00:05:30

*automatically translated*


- Monsters that have attacks that cause paralysis or freezing have been revised and their chances have been reduced, such as the Arctic Fury monster that had a 100% chance to freeze on its abilities and now has only a 10% chance.


- The auction interface has been improved, now cards will be displayed instead of lines. This change improves navigation especially for those using cell phones.

- The messages that are shown when tracking an objective or finding a mission have been improved, so that they are less confusing.

- The performance of when a player opens a store within an NPC has been optimized, as before it caused the game's FPS to drop a lot, depending on the amount of items presented.


- A new account registration flow has been created within the game itself, so there is no need to go to the website to create a new account. This change was made in order to enter the game in the PlayStore.


- A bug has been fixed in which if the player pulled the notification bar while holding down the attack button, the character would continue to attack automatically. There were players using this bug to keep the character attacking without being present in the game.


- A routine was created that identifies server crashes and in 10 seconds it automatically activates it in case of a fall, so that there are no more cases in which it is necessary for a person to go there and start the server manually in case of a fall.