Release Notes: v2020.4.4.0

Release Notes: v2020.4.4.0

by: Kahdymus - 13 Jan 21:39:38


  • 3 new Sentinel skills have been added: Stealth, Adrenaline and Discharge
  • 3 new skills for the Warrior have been added: Battlefield, Triple Thrust and Vengeance
  • 3 new skills for the Elementor have been added: Stone Shield, Ethereal Form and Thunderstorm
  • 3 new skills for the Protector have been added: Refuge, Restriction and Protection
  • 3 new skills have been added for Lyrus: Lapis, Vitali and Lazuli


  • The size of the bridge on the initial island near Yalerik has been expanded, as it was sometimes in the middle of it and this prevented players from passing it


  • Monsters' HP has been increased by 10%
  • The attack power of monsters has been increased by 5%
  • Sentinel's Skill skill has been modified and now lasts for 15 seconds, but it no longer reduces the attack by 50%, so the Sentinel will hit 2 targets with 100% power for the duration of the Skill.
  • Arcane Protection, which is activated from grimoires, has been modified and it no longer leaves players immortal for 2 seconds, now it expands the Resilience attribute by 100% during this time.


  • Fixed bug that occurs when attacking another player and automatically puts him in PVP mode.