New Update - v2021.5.0.0

New Update - v2021.5.0.0

by: Kahdymus - 17 Feb 17:52:26


- New continent: Reptília

- New monsters: Axitragal, Ognalac, Otragal, Ueit, Anaugi and Olidocorc

- A new command has been added to unlock the character if it gets stuck in solid places, such as walls, mountains, etc. Just use one of the / unlock or / unstuck commands

- A new option was added to make the virtual joystick fixed or dynamic.

- Red coloration has been added to class icons when players are in a group to alert the number of Life Points each player in the group has.

- Added the possibility to move the character using the keyboard for mobile devices

- 2 new skins have been added for the character: Agent Reptilian and Imperial Guard

- 5 new weapon skins have been added: Imperial Sword, Imperial Spear, Imperial Bow, Imperial Staff and Imperial Shield

- The Reagent Crystal item, which is used for Item and Skills Boost, can now be purchased at NPC Alec (in Ebuin City) for gold coins. This item will no longer be marketed by Gems.

- A channel was created on Telegram, where whenever a BOSS is defeated or reborn, a message will be sent there, so that all players who participate in this channel can stay on top of BOSS time.


- The price of the Basic Collector has been reduced from 1 million (1kk) gold coins to 100 thousand (100k) gold coins

- The punishments for PK (red skull) are now stricter:

1. For each PK Point the player has, 1% additional karma is added to the next PK.

2. As long as the player is in PK status, he will receive neither EXP nor AXP.

3. EXP from BOSS will no longer remove karma from PK players


- New monster ranking system, where now the respawn of Veteran, Elite, Champion, Legendary and Epic monsters will be dynamic and any monster on the map can be born with some ranking.

- The accuracy for selecting monsters and NPCs on the map by clicking with the mouse or using your finger on the mobile has been considerably improved

- More guards have been added within the city to control the movement of PK players


- A more intelligent restart system was added to the server, so that when a crash occurs, the server can recover without human intervention.


- Now when a Lyrus or Elementor takes zero damage, the library will no longer activate, this prevented the use of teleportation scrolls.

- A bug was fixed that allowed the Elementor to use the Tornado ability and then the Ethereal Form, making it possible to deal damage and stay invincible for several seconds.

- Bug on totems was fixed, where it was possible to accumulate buffs / debuffs without time limit.

- Bug on the bridge of the initial island near NPC Yalerik has been fixed, there were invisible colliders.

- Bug that prevented the correct login when the character disconnected just above the entrance to the Evergreens cave has been fixed.