New Updates - v2021.5.4.0 e v2021.5.4.1

New Updates - v2021.5.4.0 e v2021.5.4.1

by: Kahdymus - 05 Apr 23:52:16


1. Now the game will check the type of the item when it is used and apply the cooldown time of 1 second.
2. Single target skills will not be spent if you do not have a nearby target, so you will not be at risk of spending recharge time unnecessarily

1. The system that generates sound and visual effects now has a cache, so that the graphical lag on cell phones and less powerful computers is reduced when there are many players close by

1. The entire skill usage system has been rewritten so that the new system allocates about 80% less RAM on the server.
2. Several routines that allocated RAM on the server have been rewritten as well as the skills system, in order to optimize and reduce lags with many players.


1. Fixed a bug that makes player randomly disconnect
2. Fixed bug that sometimes monsters and NPCs becomes invisible
3. Fixed bug that incorrectly showed (or did not show) the rank of monsters
4. Fixed a critical problema that makes some players impossible to login