New Update - v2021.5.4.2

New Update - v2021.5.4.2

by: Kahdymus - 09 Apr 23:21:04


1. Fixed bug that allowed to equip/unequip items while teleporting, this allowed even you remove the skin and became invisible or without clothes.

2. Fixed a bug that did not allow all players to use the map stairs at the same time.

3. Fixed bug where sometimes the skills icon got stuck on the screen and had to be reconnect to remove.

4. Fixed a bug that prevented the player from picking up items from the market if the accumulated amount was greater than the amount of slots available in the inventory.

5. Fixed bug that prevented the skills Refuge, Battlefield and Lapis from appearing on the ground.

6. Fixed bug that sometimes the skill's sounds get stuck, having to reconnect to cancel the sound.

7. Fixed bug where the Flaming, Poisoned, Freezing and Teen Baan arrows prevented the Sentinel from applying Stun with Stun Shot

8. Fixed error message that appeared when a player did not pass the name on the gold coin transfer command

9. Fixed bug that sometimes caused skins to drop when a character died with PK status

10. Fixed bug that caused the game to disconnect if the character died with Outlaw status (Black Skull)

11. Fixed bug that caused the casting time of the basic skill to vary, sometimes faster and sometimes taking twice as long

12. Fixed a bug in Lyrus' healing skills, in which he made him obtain PVP status even without activating the PVP itself

13. Fixed error message on the server when some NPCs tried to drop skills


1. The entire mission system has been rewritten, now it is much lighter and will require less from the server, moreover there will be no more lag when accepting a mission, it will appear immediately upon being accepted.


1. Now when dragging a pack of items, the keyboard will no longer appear automatically, as the vast majority of times players just want to move the pack and not separate it and the Android keyboard appearing in most cases.

2. The text size of the description of the items has been enlarged for a better reading (In the future you will receive your own window, made exclusively for the mobile version)


1. The Refined Collector item, now collects 7 items every 1.6s instead of 5 items.

2. The Master Collector item, now collects 15 items every 1s instead of 10 items.

3. The Protector had an increase in his maximum energy, so he can use 3 consecutive dashs (when the energy is full), so that he will be able to better follow the group.