New Version - v2021.5.4.4

New Version - v2021.5.4.4

by: Kahdymus - 16 Apr 21:05:01


1. An automatic Server Saving system was implemented, where now the server will automatically restart every day at 7:00am (GMT +0)/UTC 


1. Fixed bug that prevented the player from taking all the gold at once from the market deposit
2. Fixed bug that occurred when attacking a Protector with active Reflect and Neutral status in PVP, where the damage was reflected and then the Protector's status changed from Neutral to PVP automatically. Now the damage will no longer be reflected if the Protector is Neutral.


1. Removed protection that is based on the mastery level when dying PVP, PK or Outlaw since there is now protection for Neutral players.


1. Updated the libraries used for network communication
2. Updated version of Unity to the latest version