New Update - v2021.5.6.0

New Update - v2021.5.6.0

by: Kahdymus - 17 May 18:21:01


1. Now when a player in the group does not share EXP, he will have a yellow health bar.


1. The maximum profession level was increased from 300 to 450. One of the things that players were giving feedback was that it was easy to hunt in Noctus and difficult in Reptilia, now with equipment that can reach level 450 it will allow for a better hunt in Reptilia.

2. The purchase price of the Reagent Crystal has been reduced from 1kk to 750k

3. Now there is a chance to drop Reagent Crystal in Epic chests (with the same chances that you had before removing them in chests).

4. All entrances for BOSSEs now no longer have a minimum level. Any character will be able to enter the BOSS areas.

5. Now the BOSSEs will respawn at fixed times: at 12pm(midday), at 4pm and at 23pm (GMT +0). Which BOSS will appear at these times will still be random, but the server will not spawn the same BOSS within a 24 hour period.


1. The entire EXP and reward system for monsters has been rewritten to optimize CPU consumption in cases with many players (example BOSS with many players).

2. Several optimizations have been made so that less CPU is consumed in the case of many players in the same location using skills.