New Update - v2021.8.11

New Update - v2021.8.11

by: Kahdymus - 12 Aug 14:46:23


1. Now there is an option to enable/disable auto attack for the basic skill

2. Initial Pet System has been included in the game

3. NPC Gemini is now a Pet and will follow its owner

4. Now the BOSS has a special ability to analyze the players around them and adapt. So the BOSS can get a little more challenging, as they were dying in a matter of seconds.


1. Fixed a bug in Constraint skill where it could stun protected PVP players.

2. Fixed a bug in all abilities that push or pull your enemies, this effect was applied to protected PVP players.

3. Fixed a bug that caused players to be disconnected if they started a trade and one of the players got too far.


1. The power of the Lycanthrope Regeneration skill has been reduced from 15% per cycle to 10% per cycle

2. All BOSS had their EXP increased by 25%

3. All BOSS can now give chests as a reward

4. Behemoth monster loot has been revised and improved considerably