New Update - v2022.1.4

New Update - v2022.1.4

by: Kahdymus - 11 Jan 08:57:32

1. Fixed auto-attack speed

2. Fixed issue preventing TVT NPC from appearing normally/automatically

3. Fixed issue that did not start PVP button automatically when taking player to Arena during TVT

4. Fixed issue that allowed players on the same team to attack each other and score points during TVT

5. TvT will be every 3h and no longer every 4h

6. Fixed bug that NPC Norumbria kept overlapping with multiple clones every TvT

7. Fixed bug in Protector's damage reflect skill, damage will be fixed at 5% during TvT

8. Fixed description of exchanging potions for tokens (it's saying it's 4 tokens, when in fact it's 10)

9. Fixed bug where sometimes the player was teleported, but didn't get any team

10. Fixed TvT ad time as it was announcing 10 minutes and was starting in less time.

11. Fixed a bug in monster's projectiles. It wasn't applying any damage.