New Version - v2022.1.8

New Version - v2022.1.8

by: Kahdymus - 13 Jan 17:32:26

1. No damage will exceed 5%. Today some skills are managing to surpass this value quite a lot. This is a bug that will be fixed.

2. The maximum damage in the Protector class will be 2.5%, as this class will be able to better fulfill its role of Tanker/Support, and has the disadvantage of having to get close to hit. And since in TvT the damage is % of HP, your defense is useless.

3. The maximum damage in the Warrior class will be 3.5%, as well as the protector, the Warrior suffers from the disadvantage of not being able to use his heavy armor as a defense and also needs to get close to deal damage.

4. The maximum damage in the Lyrus class will be 4%, as one of the advantages of this class is the high HP and its healing/support skills, but when receiving damage based on %, its high HP was not paying off. However Lyrus can attack from afar, so it will still take 4% damage.

5. The Elementor and Sentinel classes will still be able to take 5% damage as they have the highest ranged damage combos, in addition to crowd control.

6. The maximum amount of energy will be the same for everyone, totaling 150, or 3 dash in a row. The Sentinel will still be able to apply some extra dash when using his skill, as this skill has a moderate cooldown.

7. The TvT system will announce each team's score every 1 minute.

8. When dying, the player will be able to return to one of the 4 respawn points on their side of the arena, the system will choose randomly.