New Version - v2022.5.1

New Version - v2022.5.1

by: Kahdymus - 10 May 22:30:22


- Fixed a bug that prevented the create character button from returning to normal if a validation message appeared


- The minimap clock was removed, as it had no function because it was a fictitious server time and occupied the view.

- The color of the anti-afk validation token button will now be the same as the other buttons, to prevent scripts from identifying the correct button by color.


- The Redemption mission will now only remove 1 PK point each time it is done (previously it removed 4 points), this measure aims to reduce power abuse on the server, since black skull cannot start more combats. (we do not intend to include power abuse as a rule in the game, all players can attack/fight other players freely, but sometimes we will tighten the black skull rules).