New Update - v2022.5.23

New Update - v2022.5.23

by: Kahdymus - 01 Jun 13:41:31


- Fixed the icon of BUFFs/DEBUFFs that sometimes remained visible, even when their effect was over.


- Allow the player to receive a message that they need to update their version before trying to make a connection with the character. This will be useful when the game needs to change connection protocol, currently the player would be disconnected without receiving any message informing.

- Increased frequency that promo packs appear to players.


- Outlaws now have 3x drop chance compared to PKs (was 2x)


- The communication/network libraries have been updated, these updates generate network/internet lag reduction and optimization of data traffic between the game and the server.

- Some points of the game's cache system have been optimized in order to reduce RAM memory usage. The goal is that the game can be distributed to cell phones that have only 1.5GB of RAM, currently only cell phones with 2GB or more can install the game. And with that, the game will also run smoother on these phones (and computers).