New Update - v2022.9.0

New Update - v2022.9.0

by: Kahdymus - 16 Sep 15:16:50

**Automatically Translated**


- A new light armor set has been added to the game: Mursarian Set

- A new medium armor set has been added to the game: Shinigarian Set

- A new set of heavy armor has been added to the game: Kodarian Set

- A new weapon set has been added to the game: Sangria Set

- A new projectile and explosion effect has been created for the Sangria Arrow

- A new Craft Stone has been created: Ancestral Stone

- A new reagent has been created: Superior Reagent Crystal

- A new boost scroll has been created: Divine Boost Scroll

- A new quality has been created: Ancestral Quality

- A new rarity has been created: Divine Rarity

- A new chest has been created: Ancestral Chest

- New blueprints were created for all new sets, these blueprints can be purchased in the new Ancestral Chest

- Now the player's name will be on top of the PET's name

- A new keyboard shortcuts/keys setting has been added for the PC version, making it possible to modify the game's keys.

- The game now has its own Help chat, separate from the Global chat

- Server name will now appear in Telegram notifications

- Now TvT has an assistance system, where the top 3 players who help in a kill will receive 1 assistance point and every 3 assistance points will be transformed into 1 kill

- Added Teleport points for Reptilia hunts at the Calangia Village NPC

- Added Teleport to Ebuin Town in Pet Gemini

- A new PET called DoguĂ­neo has been created that randomly applies AXP (5%) or EXP (5%) bonuses for 30 seconds.

- An initial Guild system was created, where it is possible to Create Guild, Change Guild Name, Transfer Guild Leadership, Undo Guild, Leave Guild, Invite/Delete Members, Change Member Position, Show Name on Characters

- A new item for creating guilds has been created: Guild Creation Contract

- A new item to change name and transfer guild leadership has been created: Guild Change Contract


- ADMs, CMs, GMs, etc. now have a highlight with different color in their names and in their texts in the chat, for a better view by the community.

- The size of the projectile on the arrow "A Teen Baan" has been reduced, this does not influence its gameplay or functioning nor on its hitbox as it is just a visual adjustment.

- The text shown when you are out of energy to dash has been simplified to just "Out of Energy" and will appear above the character itself (similar to the text when gaining EXP)

- The warning texts shown in the game had a good performance optimization.

- The amount of effects that the forge shows has been reduced, for performance gains.

- All auction screens have been improved and will now work much faster, without the need to keep reloading every action.

- The working of the forge has been improved, now the player does not need to have all the slots available in the inventory to start a 100x or 10x batch

- Now TvT will prevent more than one character from connecting to TvT using the same device

- The PET system has been improved and now PETs will no longer interfere with conversations with NPCs (with the exception of Gemini, as he is also an NPC)

- PETs will now no longer stop on top of their owners, they will come close and stop a little before touching, so it won't block their owner's character's view.

- The position of the forge NPC Herold Ironhead has been adjusted and a workbench has been added around it to prevent players and PETs from getting on top of it.

- Added a confirmation message to perform an Item Boost

- Added a confirmation message to perform a Skill Enchantment

- Now the PET baradon will write in the chat which skill had its cooldown reset.


- Now an item will never decrease its forge rarity, when forging a new equipment/weapon the rarity of the previous item used will always be maintained or improved.

- The maximum level of the goi forge increased from 600 to 850.

- TvT rewards will now be according to the character's level, looking like this:

>> Level 1 to 39: 7500 Gold Coins, 1 TvT Token, 10 Magistral Stones and 2 Boost Scroll (common)

>> Level 40 to 79: 15000 Gold Coins, 1 TvT Token, 30 Magistral Stones, 5 Spirit Stones and 5 Boost Scrolls (common)

>> Level 80 to 124: 40000 Gold Coins, 1 TvT Token, 15 Spirit Stones, 1 Epic Stone and 1 Boost Scroll (Holy)

>> Level 125 to 349: 75000 Gold Coins, 1 TvT Token, 8 Epic Stones, 1 Boost Scroll (Holy) and 1 Reagent Crystal (Common)

>> Level 350 or higher: 120000 Gold Coins, 1 TvT Token, 1 Perfect Stone, 2 Boost Scrolls (Holy) and 2 Reagent Crystals (Common)

   **Remembering that all TvT prizes can be multiplied by 2x if the player is the Weekly Hero


- Fixed a bug that prevented party/group players from attacking each other during TvT

- Fixed a bug that kept a PET buff even when the player didn't have their Magic Core in their inventory

- Fixed a bug that allowed players who didn't complete the tutorial to leave the island with Gemini