New Staff Structure

New Staff Structure

by: Kahdymus - 24 Oct 11:58:24

Good morning everyone, I hope everyone is well.

Today I came to make an informative announcement about the new Staff structure that has been shaped in Eternal Quest for about a month now.

We had the arrival of a new ADM, @Arvid, who is a professional and experienced Community Manager. And together we started the structuring of some things, such as the positions of Tutors. Over time, we will also have other roles such as Senior Tutors and Game Masters. The arrival of @Arvid, brought us a more community-oriented vision, where you are our mission and our focus.

Details of the new Staff structure:

1. Tutors:

- They are volunteer players who help us on a daily basis to answer questions and help other players, especially beginner players. Tutors are normal players, that is, they don't have any special commands and no changes to their characters. The only difference is the color of the text they speak in the chat and the [TT] tag in white before the name.

2. Senior Tutors:

- They are also volunteers and normal players, just like the Tutors, they help in the day to day, but they are more experienced and have been in the position for some time. A Tutor achieves this role by receiving a high rating and acceptance from the community. As they are players, this role also has no special commands and no changes to their characters. They have the tag [ST] in light blue, as well as their texts are also this color.

3. Game Masters (or GMs):

- They are employees of Eternal Quest, they will assist us in the control and management within the game, in order to reduce/prevent destructive behavior and use of macros/bots. Game Masters CANNOT PLAY the game, even with secondary characters, so that there are no conflicts of interest, as GMs have several commands, such as being able to go to the player, ban/unban, be visible/invisible and disconnect a player. No GM will have commands to create monsters, NPCs, items, etc. These commands will be reserved only for the game's ADMSs (in this case, Me and @Arvid). The tag is [GM] in orange, just like the text in the chat.

4. Administrators (or ADMs):

- They are Eternal Quest employees and game managers, we make our decisions together, in a completely impartial way. We can't play the game, join player guilds or anything like that so there's no conflict of interest. We have access to all game commands. Our tag is [ADM] in red, just like our text in chat