New Update - v2022.12.0

New Update - v2022.12.0

by: Kahdymus - 13 Dec 22:36:19


- Now players who have Training Level 200+ will be able to access the Reptilia map even if the base level is below 200

- Secret Garden NPC Gemini now has teleport option to Ebuin City

- Command /help opens the help window with some basic game commands.

- The entire internal architecture of the game has been redesigned so that a new structure for multi-servers is possible, including non-pvp servers, which will arrive soon.

- Added two new skins: Angel and Dark Angel

- The Friends window has been redesigned

- A new system was added, where it is possible to block players and thus not see the chat of these blocked players (it is possible to block players from the friends window, just add a player there and then click on the Mute option)

- A new Mute system has been added for GMs and ADMs, where players can be muted (in less serious cases, we will use this option instead of applying a ban, in the first incidences)

- Now TvT will inform the final score when announcing the winning team.

- Now when entering TvT, the group/party will be disbanded

- Now it will no longer be possible to start a group/party during TvT

- The game now has a Global login message, where ADMs can send messages that will appear when a player connects, for example, messages informing that the server has an active event.

- Added Warning system, where ADMs can alert a player about certain behavior before suffering some kind of punishment. This Warning will appear when the player enters the game with his character.


- Removal of some heavy client libraries

- The wiki button within the client now links to the Discord wiki channel.

- A small improvement in the collector configuration window was made

- Some scrollbars have been increased to make them easier to use in the Mobile version


- Fixed translation and text issues on login and character selection screens.

- Bugs that allowed crossing lakes and sometimes walls using certain skills were fixed.

- Fixed bug that prevented Protector and Warrior vocations from initiating their passive blessings when using ranged basic skill.

- Bug that prevented name change and transfer of guild leadership has been fixed

- Fixed a bug in the collector that allowed to increase its collection speed indefinitely