New Update - v2023.1.2

New Update - v2023.1.2

by: Kahdymus - 20 Jan 19:19:05


- Added a new skin for exchanging TvT tokens: Legendary Hunter


- If a player is in a protected area, their karma will not be reduced to remove PK status.

- Fixed a bug that allowed creating blank character names


- Guards have been added in the safe area of the boat at the entrance to Reptilia

- Now the beginner bonus will be influenced by Training Level and not just Base Level

- The communication and network libraries have been updated for better performance and lag reduction.


- Now when leaving a TvT match, the player will no longer have PvP active (Except in cases of red/black skull)

- Bases are now isolated from the rest of the Arena (this aims to balance and avoid certain behaviors during player respawns in the Arena)

- If a player stays too long inside his base, his score and the team's score will start to decrease (this rule aims to prevent a team that is winning from closing in its base before the TvT ends)

- If a player dies too many times quickly to the same enemy, this player will be sent to the base and will be paralyzed for 30 seconds. (this rule aims to prevent/reduce players from free killing)

- If a player dies inside his base, he will not count points for who killed him (this rule aims to prevent players from killing during respawn, or free killing inside the base)

- If any player leaves/disconnects from a TvT match, his team will no longer lose the points that that player made for the team (this rule aims to prevent the whole team from being unmotivated when a player with enough points leaves the match)

- Arena entrances now all have a portal to enter/exit (this helps to prevent a player from accidentally leaving the TvT match)

- TvT hero EXP bonuses and double rewards have been removed (this modification aims to prevent lone players from monopolizing potentially advantageous bonuses)

- Now TvT Heroes will have yellow color in their chat text

- TvT Heroes will now have a tag on the left side of their name (just like tutors do) to show off their Hero status